Lessons available based in dressage fundamentals to give the rider a more solid seat, connection, and ability to communicate clearly with the horse as a partner for pleasure or competition. Safety, mutual respect between the horse and rider, and all around enjoyment from start to finish are my focal points to be able to move towards any goal with your horsemanship and skills. 

1/2 hour and 1 hour sessions available. Proper safety gear is required including helmet, long pants, and boots with a 1/2" heel. 

Multiple lesson horses are available for beginner through advanced intermediate riders. Indoor and outdoor riding allows for year-round lessons no matter what the weather. Contact for rates. 

My training program encompasses all breeds, ages, and types of horse. Using dressage basics to connect with a horse's mind and body will help shape it into a willing respectful partner and improve any horse's training for any discipline. Specializing in starting young horses and retraining 'rehab' cases to reteach them to enjoy their work. 

Please contact me for individualized training rates and availability. 

​Our program and care is designed with the goal of raising the horse's overall well being and health to the highest level that we can.

Before/after pictures of horses in our program!! 

            Odin... 2012                                      Odin... 2017

           Oxford early 2014                               Oxford 2015
                                                     6 months in intermediary barn                                                     and one full year with us... 
PipeDream Equine

Dressage Basics From the Ground Up for Fun Practical Horsemanship

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