HorseCrazed 4-H Club
'To Make The Best Better!!'

I pledge 
my Head to clearer thinking, 
my Heart to greater loyalty, 
my Hands to larger service, 
and my Health to better living, 
for my club, my community, 
my country, and my world. 

4-H is the nation's largest youth development organization, including:

Over 6 million youth
612,000 volunteers
25 million alumni

 Come and join us to find out more!!! ​
'Once a 4-Her, Always a 4-Her'
'4-H Creates Leaders'
'Learn By Doing'
As a 4-H Alumni, I can vouch that all of the above phrases are 100% truth. 4-H gave me the confidence as a youth to take leadership roles and believe in myself. Now as a 4-H leader myself, I love watching the members of our club gain confidence and grow, through the same program I was lucky enough to be part of. 
Come see for yourself! 

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4-H Events and News

                                             Location: PipeDream Equine
                            Meetings will be held twice a month, on Sunday                                                         afternoons for the winter season! 

PipeDream Equine

Dressage Basics From the Ground Up for Fun Practical Horsemanship

Lessons, Training/Boarding, Day Camps, Sales, and More
448 Deer Park Rd, West Halifax, VT 05358   (802) 380-2202